Who Is Adam Schanz? Get to know the Founder and CEO of Alder Home Protection

adamschanzA graduate of Brigham Young University-Idaho with a degree in construction management, Adam Schanz is a business executive and entrepreneur who founded a home security company, Alder Home Protection, in 2008. Through his role as the firm’s CEO, Adam Schanz focuses on providing clients in 38 states with protection from a wide range of threats, including intrusion, flood, fire, and medical emergencies. The company also offers home automation technology.

Since establishing Alder Home Protection, Mr. Schanz has scaled its operations from a small business to one of the top 10 full-service, privately owned alarm companies in the United States, attaining double-digit growth every year along the way. He was motivated to found the business after years of working for other companies in the home security industry. In college, Mr. Schanz sold alarm systems for another firm door-to-door and became the company’s most prolific salesman. Later, he accepted a position as president of sales for Silverline Security, finding further success in this role as one of the top salesmen and managers in the industry.

Though it would be seven years before Mr. Schanz applied this professional experience to launching his own company, he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong work ethic. As a young child, he would offer to perform yard services and other chores for neighbors in exchange for pay. As a teenager, before he was old enough to obtain a driver’s license, he started a window-washing business called Squeegee Brothers, enlisting the help of his mother and older brother to drive him to client appointments. The enterprise was so successful that it funded his and his brothers’ college education and church mission trips.

Outside of his professional life, Mr. Schanz is a family-oriented man with a wife and five young children. Through his church, he completed two years of missionary service in South Africa, where he enjoyed teaching and getting to know the local people.